Having recovered from the bloody finale to the last film, Itto Ogami and Daigoro are confronted by a mysterious group who have a job to offer the wandering ronin. Each one carries a part of the payment for his services and after attacking him and being defeated reveals a little more of the story. This new mission revolves around a lord who is pretending that his illegitimate daughter is his son and heir to his dynasty, while he keeps his true son hidden away from the world. Along the way there is a side story involving Daigoro becoming caught up in the activities of a female pickpocket who is able to change appearance quickly. During this escapade he shows his steadfastness and complete dedication to honourable conduct.

By breaking up the central story into several encounters with the different assassins the film generates a great sense of momentum that builds towards a thrilling finale. In some ways the film is smaller in scale than what has gone before, with some fantastic one-on-one duels. The structure keeps the audience guessing about the next part of the tale and Daigoro’s side-story is an entertaining distraction (he also has some fun interactions with the princess towards the end of the film). The standout action sequence must be Ogami’s underwater assassination and stealing the scroll that he is contracted to regain.

Thrilling action sequences, more of Daigoro, and a novel approach to telling the story make Baby Cart in the Land of Demons a great follow on to the previous films.

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